2017 Energy Particle Material Processing & Testing Technology Symposium

Energy Particle Material Processing and Testing
Technology Symposium 2017

Through years of technology innovation, energy storage and conversion devices, represented by lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells, etc., have been widely used in various fields of national production and life. The technical problems of particle technology during energy high efficiency storage and conversion are still challenging. Because of its high ratio superficial area, multilevel hierarchy, chemical conversion diversity, particle material becomes the main constrained factor in energy material technology. The configuration design, functional characterization, preparation and application have been in the forefront of scientific exploration. Energy material has been gradually industrialization, has become one of the important indexes to measure the comprehensive strength of a country or a region.
Under these circumstances, Energy Particle Material Special Committee of China Society of Particuology associates with China Powder Net , hold “Energy Particle Material Processing and Testing Technology Symposium on 16 th October, 2017 in Shanghai, concurrently hold with IPB 2017 (International Powder and Bulk Solids Exhibition and Conference). It is aiming to provide a communication platform for domestic and international scholars and professionals in energy material application industries, make contributions to the breakthrough of lithium batteries, capacitors, fuel cell, electric vehicle battery technology.

[Date & Venue]
Date: 16th October, 2017
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Energy Particle Material Special Committee of China Society of Particuology
China Powder Net

NurnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.

•  Policies interpretation of energy granule materials;
•  Advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries, sodium batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells and other core energy materials;
•  Discussion on the new energy particle technology and its application in energy storage and conversion industry;
•  Exchange of latest technological achievements in energy particle material fields;
•  Combination of exhibition and conference – one-stop displaying of battery materials, super capacitors, detection technologies and applications