All exhibitors must respect and are liable for ensuring protection of the intellectual property rights of other exhibitors and of third parties such as e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. when displaying their products at IPB in accordance with current provisions of law. All necessary measures shall be taken by the exhibitor before displaying his products. The Organizers are exempt from any liability in connection with the violation of intellectual property rights by an exhibitor. As part of the Rental Contract, each exhibitor will be obliged to sign a legally-binding statement confirming that he will not infringe the intellectual property rights of another exhibitor or third party.

Should it be proven to the Organizer that an exhibitor has infringed the intellectual property rights of another exhibitor or a third party through his exhibits on display, his printed papers, his advertising materials, his graphics, or indeed in any other way, then the Organizer is entitled, although not obliged, to remove the exhibits, printed papers, advertising materials, graphics etc causing the said infringement from the offender's stand and to store them until the end of IPB. In such cases, the Organizer in his capacity as lessor is also entitled, although not obliged, to terminate the "Rental Contract" between the Organizer and the offending exhibitor and therefore also to withdraw the offender's admission by registered letter stating the reasons for termination and withdrawal. If such measures prove unjustified, no claim for damages can be made against the Organizers unless they are guilty of gross negligence or unlawful intent.