Product range

IPB offers you a clear product structure, which is the ideal setting
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Basic Processing and Synthesis
Size reduction, grinding( jet mill, super micro mill, stirring mill, sand mill, vibration mill, roller mill, colloid mill, ball mill, etc.); Mixing, homogenizing( mixer, disperser, kneader, emulsifier, dissolver, homogenizer, etc.); separating and grading( gravity sedimentation separation, filter, centrifuge, sieve, magnetic separation, etc.); granulation; evaporating, drying; physicochemical synthesis; other processing and synthesis technologies, etc.

Powder Conveying and Storage
Powder conveying( belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket lifter, pneumatic conveyor, pipe conveyor, etc.) and components( valve, power and transmission device, pump, compressor, fan, etc.); powder weighing; quantitative feeding; emptying; handling, storage; packaging, filling, etc.

Measurement and Control
Display; process control; control instrument( pressure gauge, flowmeter, level indicator, etc.); powder testing and measurement; other powder processing control device and components; etc.

Particle Analysis and Characterization
particle analysis; particle size counter; powder mobility analysis; specific surface area analysis; chemical composition analysis; phase analysis; microstructure analysis; particle composition analysis; powder whiteness analysis; etc.

Safety and Environmental Technologies
Industrial fire protection; electrical explosion protection; non-electrical explosion protection( explosion containment system, spark detector; safety valve, explosion-protection valve, etc.); process safety; emission control; work area safety; other safety and environmental protection equipment, etc.

Construction workshop and planning; outward processing; software; association; testing institution; laboratory; training, education; technical publication; facilities management; research institution; universities; certification agency; engineering agency; etc.